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Criminal Forensic Evaluations

Expert Services In Criminal Law Cases

FMHS staff can provide evaluation and/or consultation for issues that may be involved in a criminal case, including:

• Juvenile Waiver
• Competency
• Arson/Firesetting evaluations for juveniles and adults
• Sexual Behavior issues including Child Pornography
• Homicide

Dr. Russell and Dr. Williams have provided evaluations and case consultation for county, state and federal cases involving male and female sex offending and child pornography

Dr. Russell and Dr. Williams are experts in all forms of domestic violence, providing expert witness testimony and consultation to attorneys in the analysis of Intimate Partner Violence(IPV) and Battered Woman’s Syndrome in civil, criminal and family courts. William Russell, Ph.D. is listed as an expert by the National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women.

FMHS provides treatment for both IPV victims and perpetrators. Group and individual treatment modalities are available.

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Psychological Assessment of Mitigating Factors

A psychological evaluation can be an important aspect of a pre-trial or pre-sentencing to assist the court in understanding factors that may have affected the defendant's judgment, perception, or intent. The psychological evaluation includes a review of all relevant discovery material, a clinical interview, psycho-social history, past psychological treatment, and previous criminal offenses committed. Objective psychological testing is typically conducted to evaluate the presence of not only mental health conditions; but also personality characteristics that may be factors. The results are then presented in a clear, comprehensive psychological report that summarizes all relevant findings for the court.